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Aerial Monitoring overcomes the limitations of traditional methods of traffic data collection due to its mobility, complexity, and ability to cover large areas. Airborne sensors provide sufficient amount of data to enable vehicle location and movement monitoring; however, further processing and evaluation of the data often requires tremendous effort. DataFromSky is a new specialized solution for automatic analysis of traffic activity in aerial videos. It brings many new possibilities in the field of traffic analysis by virtue of its fully automatic calculation of a wide range of traffic parameters such as speed, densities and gate counting.

Client: Roelofs groep
Services: Traffic counting by drone

source: datafromsky

Traffic counting? Yes we can!

Because counting traffic differs a lot from…

Traffic counting is one of the fundamental tools of transport analysis. Together with our partner Roelofsgroep we can easily provide all the desired information – vehicle counts, flows, gap time, follow time and Origin-Destination matrix.

Unlike in many commonly used systems for traffic monitoring, the only requirements for detailed analysis of road user behavior by DataFromSky tool is an aerial video and a description of the recorded scene.

The video may be taken by a UAV, or a camera mounted on a mast. Our detection algorithms are capable of recognizing vehicles as small as 12×12 pixels to allow for coverage of a large area by one device only (more than 30,000 m2).

As high-quality video stabilization algorithms are an integral part of DataFromSky tool, the sensing platform is not required to be 100% stable during the recording.

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