Smink stockpile

50% more efficient, much faster and at an high accuracy level!

In 1 day a total of 70 ha of soil has been measured. The aim was to test the various types of waste volumes on the issued license. The model eventually counts more than 115 million points, measured with a planimetric aberration of less then 2.5 cm. A job that traditionally takes a land surveyor takes almost 2 weeks, and only a fraction of the measured points is reached. This means that the client has saved money and time. In addition, measuring the drone is safer because a land surveyor does not have to climb hill up hill over a landfill where hazardous substances, such as contaminated soil and asbestos, are present.

Client: Smink BV - Kestrel Geo-Data
Date: 15 juli 2015
Services: mapping, stockpile messurment, orthomosaic, DTM

Stockpile messurement? Yes we can!

Fast, accurate and safe!

We where the first Dutch company who developed a method for aerial mapping in such an efficient way that with our method, for bigger projects (60 / 120Ha), a time-reduction of more then 50%, related to regular drone mapping, is possible!

And the accuracy?

Well, messured on x,y,z it will be around 10,10,20mm! The ground sample distance can be, if needed, at mm level! Orthomosaïc, Digital Terrain Models, Eleveation Models, 3D models, you name it.

We make the impossible possible for you!


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