In this episode, Lize joins Wind Turbine engineer Tim Bosman to watch his break moment. Have a break, have a KitKat®

Client: Vice Media BV

Commercials? Yes we can!

Specialized teams for specialized operations. Because flying a commercial differs a lot from flying an inspection.

It’s a wrap! Within our trade name FilmDesigners we operate with highly experienced teams. Our crew understands what directors need. What looks impossible for others just looks great for us! Channel 4, Amazone Prime, RTL The Netherlands, just a few examples of broadcast channels we work for but also offshore we now what to do.

Within the commercial business we offer you specialized teams which understands what commercials needs. We work with high-end equipment like Arri Alexa Mini of RED Epic camera’s and we speak te same language 😉

“Perfection is our Passion”


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