Gemini Windpark

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The Gemini offshore wind farm in the Dutch part of the North Sea will be one of the largest wind farms in the world with a total capacity of 600 MegaWatt, both in size and production.
Gemini is built in two close locations, the name (Gemini = Twins) is derived. The official names of the locations are Buitengaats en Zee-energie.

(Source: Gemini Windpark | Pictures: B3D Design | Movie: Youtube)

Client: B3D Design | van Oord
Date: 2016
Services: aerial cinematography | offshore

source: Gemini

Offshore? Yes we can!

Specialized teams for specialized operations. Because flying offshore differs a lot from flying onshore.

Offshore we always send out a highly experienced and well trained crew. All our crew members are BOSIET 0,5A, HUET and GWO certified. So, next to know how to set up a safe working environment offshore our crew also knows how to survive.

The last few years we’ve learned a lot during all our various offshore projects. We operated in various countries like Norway, Germany, The UK, Finland and of course our home country The Netherlands. Our company was one of the first who got certified by the Dutch Aviation Authority for working offshore within the North Sea area.

“Perfection is our Passion”


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